Leftists, Catholics, and Abortion

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Feb 092012

I had an epiphany tonight.  I was pondering the question as to why Obama seemingly sought to tick off Catholic voters.  I was puzzled because it seemed to be a form of political suicide that lacked any political benefit; Obama didn’t need to offend Catholics to secure the support of pro-abortion voters.

I had incorrectly assumed that Obama was a political animal like Bill Clinton and would take actions that would assure his reelection.   For example, Dick Morris convinced Clinton to sign welfare reform to ensure his re-election.   Why did Obama do the opposite here?  Why not push the decision back until after the election?

The answer is simple: Obama is not a political animal like Bill Clinton.  In many ways, Obama is much more honorable and much more dangerous.  He is a true believer, an ideologue, which begs a bigger question: why are leftists so militantly pro-abortion?

In my epiphany, an answer.  In my opinion, leftists are more pro-abortion than pro-choice because they don’t seem to like it when people choose life.

Incidentally, this may be the only area – excepting narcotics – in which leftists want more freedom. Leftists dislike freedom of speech, which they stifle with political correctness and speech codes on campuses.  They dislike economic freedom, which is known to most as Capitalism.  Capitalism is where individuals spend their money where they wish.  People have the freedom to enter into trade where both sides benefit.  Leftists also don’t want freedom in employment, health care, smoking,  gun ownership,  or property rights.

But they desperately want “freedom” of unfettered access to – and even government sponsorship of – abortion.

Now, one could argue that the abortion/birth control mandate at the heart of the the recent controversy is the natural consequence to the government running healthcare; if they run it, they can dictate what’s in it.  But why are abortion and sterilization even in the bill?  One could argue that birth control affects health care, but abortion?  Since when is disposing of potential human life a form of health care?  It’s not.

In my view, leftists don’t like babies.  I’m sure leftists like their own babies and I’m also sure that they will send their children to their left wing seminaries (i.e.: college), but they don’t like babies in general.  Or, they don’t like people having many babies.

The reason?  Leftists don’t like babies because babies force people to think realistically about the future and not merely about the present.

I remember holding my daughter for the first time thinking, “holy crap, I really have to be a grownup now.”   I had to start thinking about the future.  Upon having children, particularly multiple children, people tend to focus realistically on the future and this often moves them, politically,  to the right.

Leftist and their ideas only exist in the present.  If you project leftists ideas just a bit forward they collapse like a house of cards.  As Whitney Houston sings, “I believe the children are our future.”  The left wants to live in the present where their paradise can exist without the consequences of reality.


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