The Parasitic Left

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Feb 132012

The Obama administration’s recent foray into ObamaCare rule-making and its  implications for the First Amendment’s free exercise clause are well-reported and appropriately criticized by people who respect religious freedom and our Constitution, which protects it.  For examples, see here, here, and here.

In a nutshell, the president’s administration required religious institutions to violate their theological doctrines when it mandated every employer – including churches and church affiliated employers – pay for contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients (e.g.: “morning after” pills).  In the face of resistance to the rule,  President Obama backed off . . .  if by “backed off” one means not requiring adherents to the so-called culture of life to pay directly for contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients, but indirectly through inevitably higher insurance premiums which will necessarily follow the mandated “free” services.

As a side note, the Left – including our current president – does not seem to comprehend the fact that goods and services are produced and are therefore never free.

The Obama Administration’s position, however, is not unique to the president, but permeates the political Left.   This recent kerfuffle is merely a symptom of the Left’s raison d’etre: nihilism.  It also demonstrates that the upcoming election’s importance goes beyond merely defeating President Obama, but requires defeating the political Left.

Leftism neither builds nor creates anything of value; it seeks only to destroy what others build or create.  For example, recall the Left’s war on the Boy Scouts of America over the issue of openly homosexual scouts and scout leaders.  There, the issue wasn’t whether gays could participate in the Boy Scouts (they could), but whether openly gay scouts and leaders may participate.  Regardless of one’s views on that issue, the Left expressed no interest and took no action in developing its own version of the Boy Scouts.  The Left only sought to change (or, in its own parlance, “improve”) the Scouts, by throwing out the century-old Boy Scout oath.  As Dennis Prager put it at the time:

The left-wing position is that if the Boy Scouts do not change a policy that has been in place since the inception of the organization, they do not deserve to exist . . . . There is no left-wing Boy Scouts. The left knows best how to crush the non-left Boy Scouts, but it has never made a boys organization of its own.

Even as amended, the HHS rule imposes on institutions the same destruction that the Left sought against the Boy Scouts.  Catholic institutions, for one affected example, include universities and hospitals.  Apparently, such organizations do not include contraception, sterilization, or abortifacients in the health insurance provided its employees because such things violate Catholic Church doctrine.  Leftism’s adherent in the White House doesn’t merely disagree with the Church’s doctrine, his programs suggest that he wishes to end such doctrine.  Where the Left previously tried to destroy the Boy Scouts because it disagreed with certain tenets of the Boy Scouts’ policy, it now wishes to destroy religious institutions because it disagrees with certain tenets of various religious doctrine.

So-called reproductive rights are protected by the Constitution (see Griswold v. Connecticut (1965) and its progeny).  Rights, however, do not come at others’ expense.  While Catholic and other religious institutions that do not subscribe to the use of contraception, sterilization, and abortion may not prevent others from availing themselves of such goods and services, they are also not required to provide them.  Nor should they be.  However, the controversial HHS rule imposes such a requirement.  The Obama Administration is essentially saying, “Hey, Catholic Church, thanks for building all those hospitals, charitable organizations, and educational institutions that contribute to our society.  Now we will tell you how to run them.”

The Left creates nothing of value, but it desires to dictate to the individuals who create everything of value.  Whether imposing its abortion views on religious organizations, or imposing a regulatory stranglehold on business, the Left knows how to destroy everything . . . once others create it.

There’s a name for something that invades, lives off of, and kills something of value: Parasite.

NOTE: Wake Up Winston! proudly reports that this post was also published at Western Free Press.

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