The Breitbart Election

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Nov 052012

I regret that I’ve been too busy to blog lately, particularly in this crucial election year.  However, despite my lack of time, I would like to put one point on the record prior to tomorrow’s historic presidential election: Regardless of which candidate wins, this election can be accurately described as “the Breitbart election.”  

Simply put, the ideas for which Andrew Breitbart advocated long before his premature death bore fruit in this election cycle.  Specifically, Andrew advocated for the citizen journalists, for  truth-tellers, for people to seize the narrative from what he justifiably called the “Democrat-Media Complex.”  He pointed out that the “dinosaur media” was not about reporting the truth, but about filtering it by controlling the information it chose to reveal.

Although the Democrat-Media Complex remains powerful, funded, and motivated to mislead in the service of its favored party and welfare statism, its facade of objectivity and reliability is shattered to bits.  The Democratic party – so used to controlling the narrative through its sycophantic media – fails to accept the reality of the counter-narrative.  This counter-narrative serves as a check and balance on the so-called “fourth estate.”  It consists of new media, which includes social networking sites, blogs, radio, and citizen journalists.  The size and scope of new media cannot be overestimated.  For example, in 2008, Twitter had 6 million users.  In the past two years, the number of Twitter users has quadrupled and, as of March 2012, the number of active twitter users in the United States was 140 million and climbing (500 million users worldwide).

Andrew understood that democratization of media and mass communication would rid of us of the mainstream media filter and present a truthful look at politicians and public events.

Where the dinosaur media ignores the fast & furious scandal, the new media reports it.

Where the dinosaur media attempts to carry the Obama Administration’s water and reports that the attack in Benghazi was merely a protest over a youtube video, the new media informs us correctly that Benghazi was a pre-planned terrorist attack; that the Obama Administration received ample warning of the clear terrorist danger that lurked in Libya; that the Obama Administration ordered U.S. forces to stand down and not help our fellow citizens who were ultimately slaughtered.  Nearly one month after our fellow Americans were murdered in the Benghazi terrorist attack, the dinosaur media reluctantly began to report the story . . . because the new media had already done so.

Where the media refuses to vet Barack Obama in 2008 and in 2012, the new media does.  Many stories about the president appeared on new media websites, cable news shows, and in documentaries about the president.

Tomorrow’s election is more than Romney vs. Obama.  It is liberty vs. statism, individual wealth creation vs. “you didn’t build that,” America vs. Occupy.

A while back, Andrew declared #WAR on the mainstream media.  One look at who is controlling the narrative suggests that, even in death, he is winning.  This the Breitbart election, the first of many.

Election day will be here and gone tomorrow.  Regardless of the outcome, the battle for liberty will continue.

. . . and Breitbart is here.



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