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. . . and hello!  I’m Winston.  But not really.  “Winston” is not my actual name.  Sure, I could simply tell you my name, but then what would be the point of going by “Winston”?  I do, however, feel obligated to explain why I write this blog pseudonymously, which also permits me to reveal a bit about myself.

I practice law in a metropolitan law firm with large, organizational clients.  Using a pen name is the best way to both honestly express my opinions and meet my responsibilities to my law firm and to my clients.

I am a single dad.   My children are truly awesome . . . admittedly, I may be a bit biased on this point.

If you want to know what topics I plan to cover generally, check out my first post.

I write this blog because I think politics and philosophy are interesting and, yes, even fun.  More importantly, I think – and I know that I’m not alone on this point – that America is at a crossroads.  I would like to have an influence, no matter how small, on the direction our nation takes at this juncture.  I support reason, individualism, and capitalism over mysticism, collectivism, and statism.

Also, I am fortunate to have many friends who are bright, wise, and passionate about ideas and politics.  One of them, HEK, contributes to this blog.  HEK and I don’t always agree on issues, but he’s an able defender of his point of view and it is to this blog’s benefit that he contributes his thoughts.  Check out HEK’s first post.  And, by the way,  “HEK” is also not actually a name . . . actually.

Thanks for taking the time to learn “about Winston,” and thanks for reading Wake Up Winston!

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