Sandra Fluke and the Narrative

 Posted by at 11:28 pm
Mar 052012

One of the big things we hopefully learned from the late great Andrew Breitbart is the power of the narrative. The left and their PR firm, the Democrat Media Complex (as Andrew would called it), always try to control the narrative. The pathetic shame is that those of us on the right always seem to take the bait. It is as if we are perpetually Charlie Brown and the MSM/Democrats [more . . . ]

Leftists, Catholics, and Abortion

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Feb 092012
Leftists, Catholics, and Abortion

I had an epiphany tonight.  I was pondering the question as to why Obama seemingly sought to tick off Catholic voters.  I was puzzled because it seemed to be a form of political suicide that lacked any political benefit; Obama didn’t need to offend Catholics to secure the support of pro-abortion voters. I had incorrectly assumed that Obama was a political animal like Bill Clinton and would take actions that [more . . . ]

Thoughts on Iowa

 Posted by at 2:33 pm
Jan 042012

Iowa doesn’t usually mean much considering that Pat Robertson, Mike Huckabee and Pat Buchanan all won there but did not win the nomination, although all three continue to make crappy television. Not fair, Pat Robertson is entertaining when talking about God attacking New Orleans and Haiti but as a Christian, I cringe. The Democrat electorate is made up of dozens of victim groups. If you aren’t a victim or feeling [more . . . ]

A Case For Romney

 Posted by at 4:35 pm
Dec 302011

I am voting for Romney. There, I said it.  Unfortunately,  I don’t get to vote in the primary until June because I live in California, one of the few states where Obama is above water. I supported Romney in 2008 because he was the most conservative candidate who had a reasonable chance of getting elected.  That is my basic guideline.  OK, I stole it off of Bill Buckley but I [more . . . ]

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